General Conditions

General Sales Conditions

  1. Orders are valid only if confirmed by us. By the simple fact of ordering the material, the customer confirms to be aware of our sales conditions and accept them.
  2. Normally-processed prices are those indicated in our order confirmation (VAT not included).
  3. Terms of delivery, in any case fixed by us, shall be respected as far as possible. Such terms are indicative only and shall be affected by:
    • difficulties in supply of raw materials
    • force majeure
    • violations of the payment conditions on the part of the buyer
    • mistakes, omissions or delay on the part of the buyer in communicating the information necessary for carrying out the order
    • any changes in the order accepted by us after receipt of same.
  4. Any delays in delivery do not give the buyer the right even partially to cancel the order.
  5. Orders involving penal clauses will not be accepted.
  6. Except in special cases agreed on ordering, the prices are all for delivery “ex-our works”.
  7. The goods travel at the risk of the buyer even when delivered to destination; any claims must be made against the shipping company.
  8. Cash on Delivery is the sole accepted method of payment for unknown companies.
  9. For reasons connected with accounting and administration, payments shall be agreed at the moment of acceptance of the order.
  10. All disputes fall within the cognizance of the court of Modena, Italy.


  1. All our products are guaranteed for two years from shipment date and expired at the end of the period even if the materials have not been used for any reason what soever. The guarantee covers any fault in materials or processing and is limited to the replacement and/or repair in our factory of the faulty item: all work must be carried out by us.
  2. The guarantee will never form the grounds for requests for compensation of any kind and we refuse any liability for damage to property or injury to people caused directly or indirectly by our machines.
  3. The guarantee will lose its validity:
    • If the machine has been repaired, dismantled or tampered with by persons not authorized by us;
    • If the machine has been subjected to overloads beyond the limits on the data plate;
    • If the materials have been damaged by contact with abrasive or corrosive liquids.
    • For faults caused by inexperience or negligence of the customer.
  4. The faulty machine must be sent to our factory freight prepaid.
  5. Our decision as to the cause of the fault and whether it is covered by the guarantee will be final.
  6. Materials and parts subject to continuous wear are not covered by guarantee
  7. When the repair has been carried out the machine will be returned to the customer with freight payable at destination.